Starbucks No Longer

In 1995 while in college I was a first time visitor to a wonderful coffee shop.  The aroma was alluring and the atmosphere was friendly which made for a great experience.  For years I have continued to visit Starbucks enjoying that experience.

A couple of years later I picked up the book by CEO Howard Schultz “Pour Your Heart Into It”.  From what I remember it was a decent book and I read it a couple of times.  Honestly, I am not much for reading.  I then picked up an espresso machine at home and started to make my own espresso-based drinks.  Most of the time my lattes were better than going to Starbucks and definitely much cheaper.
But a few years ago something happened.  Starbucks and their CEO started to show their obvious disdain for conservative values.  I mean come on I went to Starbucks for their experience and coffee not because of how their CEO feels about politics, guns, bathrooms,  and Christians.  So lets take a look at how Starbucks has started to exclude conservatives with their liberal politicized statements.


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Read an article from Western Journalism on the top 5 reasons to ditch Starbucks.

So as you can see Starbucks and their CEO aren’t just in it to make money for selling coffee they are in it to shove their liberal agendas down our throats and I will not be spending my money there.  We have a local expanding coffee shop called Biggby and my family and I will be supporting them.



Samsung Electric Oven on Its Way Out

So just about 2 1/2 years ago we purchased a Samsung NE595ROABSR glass top electric range.

Samsung Electric Range Oven

We had read reviews at the time and it sounded like a good range. I usually do a lot of research before buying any large appliances.  Sometimes it drives my wife crazy.  I just want to make sure I am getting the best item for the best price.  The only thing that concerned me with the fact that Samsung didn’t have a long history of experience with ranges. So we didn’t to purchase the range at BestBuy. We bought two appliances an electric range and dishwasher during our visit on 2/18/14.

The electric range was was a Samsung 5.9 cubic feet Self-Cleaning NE595ROABSR for about $800 plus a power cord and tax. The second item was a Bosch Integra Ascenta dishwasher.

Approximately one month after the warranty expiration the convection fan stopped working.  We spent more on this oven than any we have ever purchased and now we are not getting to use the time-saving convection feature.  We were still able to use the regular conventional oven feature so we continued to use it.

Now we have owned the oven for about two and a half years.  We still expect to get many years on a fine “Samsung oven”.  Just about two weeks ago our son had put something in the oven and we noticed it wasn’t cooked all the way.  We confronted him about it and he assured us that he had followed our instructions.  We then put a glass cooking thermometer in the oven and set it to 350 degrees.  We waited for about 10-15 minutes and noticed that the thermometer read 150 degrees.  What the heck?  We left it on longer and still the same reading.  Now what do we do?

I then tested the electrical circuit to verify adequate current to the appliance and it came in around 240 volts. Did some researching online with YouTube and thought it sounded like the thermostat went bad.  So I spent $40 and bought a new thermostat for our fairly new oven.  I installed the thermostat tonight praying that it would work.  Well, the oven does the same thing by not heating up to the set temperature.

So not sure what to do?  The coils inside the oven are solid with no cracks.  I am thinking a bad board.  THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS to have to buy another oven after two and a half years.  We definitely will not be buying another Samsung.

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I Blame You Conservatives

So, the primary elections didn’t end up the way you liked. They didn’t for me either. I actually had chosen Ted Cruz. His values most closely mirrored mine. When the dust settled, Donald Trump became the RNC candidate. I was really disappointed with the outcome but I agreed to support the RNC candidate, as did the other 16 candidates that were running against Trump.

Well, with the election looming we have to get behind the RNC candidate. Trump has the best chance of any other third party candidate to beat Hillary Clinton. I don’t care if you are standing on your principals. Voting for a third party candidate is pointless because they have no chance to beat Hillary. It is too late in the game for anyone else to take on HRC.

If Hillary wins the President candidacy, I blame you for the lack of protection for the number of aborted babies. I blame you for the liberal and radicals appointed as Supreme Court Justices who will take away our rights. I blame you for more and more restrictions to our Second Amendment rights. Hillary says that she will not take away our guns but after she has increased gun taxes, ammo taxes, regulations and restrictions our gun rights will be useless. I blame you for the increase of taxes to a level that will crush the American economy. I blame you for the huge increase of refugees that take away US jobs, increased crime, healthcare costs, welfare costs, as well as an increase in ISIS infiltration and other ramifications from refugees entering America. Finally, I blame you for the increased healthcare costs due to a failed Obamacare plan. Obama promised us many things with Obamacare such as healthcare cost reduction, being able to keep your doctors, etc.

Look at all of the corruption in Washington under Obama. An FBI who will not recommend HRC to be indicted even though HRC’s intent after deleting emails, destroying mobile devices and laptops seems very obvious. All of her staff involved with this cover up have recently sought immunity. If the FBI didn’t recommend prosecution then why are they seeking immunity? How can the FBI be so careless? FBI Director Comey is somehow involved in this cover up and sooner or later his lawlessness will be brought to light. As the Bible says, “Be sure your sin will find you out.”

You cannot listen to the media. Newspapers, companies, television networks, etc., should be unbiased, but they don’t even try to hide their liberal bias. Look at the recent debates and the questions raised to Trump. The media isn’t challenging HRC at all with all of her unethical behaviors. They should be asking her about some of the following items:

  • Benghazi
  • Email server
  • Pay-for-play
  • Clinton Foundation
  • Dishonesty
  • Lying to the FBI and Congress
  • Desire to use a Drone strike to kill Julian Assange

It’s obvious that Trump is not perfect but we will never elect a “perfect candidate” and conservatives…we aren’t electing a “pastor” so don’t expect Trump to act like one. We have grown tired of the “elite establishment” in Washington, so Trump meets this requirement. We need someone not tied to politicians and lobbyists. Trump needs to unearth all of the hidden political corruption and Washington should be terrified. There are a lot of rules and regulations in the corporate world that try to reduce “conflict of interest” so why aren’t government officials required to avoid conflicts of interest?

When November 8th comes around, vote for the best candidate that resembles your values and be vigilant; watch out for voter fraud. The Left will violate all laws to win the Presidency.


Miss Underwood in MSU jersey

Miss Underwood in MSU jersey

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Well, I have only been to a couple concerts and this is my first one since I have been married for 10 years this Aug.

Not sure if all concerts are as good as Carrie’s or not but boy did she rock.

Josh Turner opened the concert and he was very good although not the star that she is and he isn’t as good looking…sorry ladies. Josh T sang for about 40+minutes and then Carrie made an outstanding entrance from the stage and singing Flat on the Floor.

The concert was SOOOO loud and TOOO loud. I like loud music but come on her voice sounded a little distorted at some points because the music was so loud.

Anyways, she did every song off Carnival Tour and sang Jesus Take the Wheel. At the end when she disappeared and we thought the concert was over she came out of the stage floor with a MSU jersey on…nice touch Carrie. She then sang November Rain and Paradise City followed by her mega hit – Before He Cheats.

Can’t wait to see her in concert again.

Here are some more concernt photos.

Lauren and Grants computer drawing tablet

Lauren drawing zoom box

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Well, Tami and I were shopping at Walmart the other day and saw this toy at half price. THIS would be a great Easter present for the kids. It would last a while too since it was for ages 4-9. Well, as you can guess I couldn’t wait until Easter to give it to them so here they are using it now.

It is really neat. Fisher~Price makes it. It is the Digital Arts & Crafts Studio. You can also limit how many prints the kids can do…thank you God. They would use up all the ink.